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Please could you contact the league should you have any suggestions of players who have previously played in the Russell Foster Youth Football League and gone on to play the game at a professional level.

Player RFYL Team Professional Clubs

Michael Gray (St Hilda's) - Sunderland, Blackburn, Leeds & Wolves
Stuart Downing (Seaham Red Star) - Middlesbrough & Liverpool
Kevin Dixon (Seaham Red Star) - Bradford
David Murphy (Seaham Red Star) - Hibernian & Birmingham
Tommy English (Seaham Red Star) - Livingstone
Lee Robinson (Washington Juniors) - Rangers
Michael Nelson (Washington Juniors) - Portsmouth & Hartlepool
Chris Brown (Peterlee) - Sunderland
Dale Roberts (Horden) - Nottingham Forest
Tony McMahon (Byers Green) - Middlesbrough
Danny Graham (Chester Boys) - Carlisle & Watford
Mark Summerbell (Hilda Park) - Middlesbrough & Carlisle
David Mawson (Redby) - Sunderland
Stephen Pickering (Redby) - Sunderland
Jordan Henderson (Fulwell) - Sunderland & Liverpool
Mark Beck (Fulwell) - Carlisle United
Jamie Cade (City of Durham Boys circa 1995-1998) - Middlesbrough, Chesterfield and Colchester