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League News



UNDER 18’S                                                                                                  UNDER 17’S

PRELIMINARY ROUND- 14THOCTOBER 2018                                           PRELIMINARY ROUND- 14THOCTOBER 2018 

FIRST ROUND- 18THNOVEMBER 2018                                                       FIRST ROUND- 18THNOVEMBER 2018

SECOND ROUND- 20THJANUARY 2019                                                      SECOND ROUND- 20THJANUARY 2019       

SEMI FINALS- 10THMARCH 2019                                                                SEMI FINALS- 10THMARCH 2019 

FINAL- TO BE ARRANGED                                                                            FINAL- TO BE ARRANGED 


UNDER 16’S                                                                                                UNDER 15’S     

PRELIMINARY ROUND- 30THSEPTEMBER 2018                                     PRELIMINARY ROUND- 28THOCTOBER 2018 

FIRST ROUND- 28THOCTOBER 2018                                                        FIRST ROUND- 25THNOVEMBER 2018

SECOND ROUND- 25THNOVEMBER 2018                                               SECOND ROUND- 24THFEBRUARY 2019       

THIRD ROUND- 24THFEBRUARY 2019                                                      SEMI FINALS- 17THMARCH 2019 

SEMI FINALS- 17THMARCH 2019                                                              FINAL- TO BE ARRANGED  

FINAL- TO BE ARRANGED                                                                         


UNDER 14’S                                                                                               UNDER 13’S

LEAGUE CUP (DIVISIONS PREMIER & 1st)                                             LEAGUE CUP (DIVISIONS PREMIER, 1ST& 2ND)

LEAGUE SHIELD (DIVISIONS 2ND, 3RD& 4TH)                                       LEAGUE SHIELD (DIVISIONS 3RD, 4TH& 5TH

LEAGUE VASE (DIVISIONS 5TH, 6TH& 7TH)                                           LEAGUE VASE (DIVISIONS 6TH, 7TH& 8TH)

PRELIMANARY ROUND- 29THSEPTEMBER 2018                                  PRELIMANARY ROUND- 29THSEPTEMBER 2018                            

FIRST ROUND- 27THOCTOBER 2018                                                       FIRST ROUND- 27THOCTOBER 2018                                                       

SECOND ROUND- 19THJANUARY 2019                                                  SECOND ROUND- 19THJANUARY 2019

THIRD ROUND- 16THFEBRUARY 2019                                                    THIRD ROUND- 16THFEBRUARY 2019     

SEMI FINALS- 16THMARCH 2019                                                            SEMI FINALS- 16THMARCH 2019

FINAL- TO BE ARRANGED                                                                        FINAL- TO BE ARRANGED

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